‘Spirituality of Work’

work cycle poster

We are all engaged in work of some form. Whether that’s paid work (i.e. what we traditionally call ‘work’) or unpaid work, voluntary work, work in the home, the work of parenting etc. All of us are employed in some way. And as Matthew Fox says, there is no such thing as unemployment in the universe. Everything is at work – functioning in some way. But we often have a mentality around our work which relegates it something that ‘gets in the way’ of what we really want to be doing, the daily grind etc.

Is it possible to reimagine work? What would a ‘spirituality of work’ look like? How could we see our work as something that contributes to our ‘becoming’ rather than getting in the way of it? These are the sorts of questions we are seeking answers to in this cycle of gatherings for Spring 2014.

Alongside our usual all-age, meditative and ‘open source’ gatherings, we will be joined by the Archdeacon of Oxford – Martin Gorick – in week #2 and the cycle kicks off with a ‘speed dating’ style discussion where we will be asking each other to describe our work, the reasons we are engaged in this work, and our feelings about it.

You are very welcome to join us!