Of course the life of the community is more than just its ‘official’ gatherings, nevertheless here are the ways we gather ‘publicly’. As has been the case with most churches over the past year we have been meeting on Zoom doing our best to approach these services with our unique hOME style. From Sunday the 28th March we will be back in St Alban’s.



We gather at 5pm on Sunday (once a cycle we have the meditative gathering at the later time of 8pm) for our Eucharist (or Holy Communion). Our Sunday gatherings focus on a cycle theme (click here for information about the current cycle). Each gathering in a cycle is a little different. There’s a meditative gathering, a guest speaker, a discussion based service, an ‘open-source’ service (where people bring contributions), a creative service, and another service with a speaker from within the Home community.

Expect some prayers, chants, songs (sometimes played live, sometimes using various pieces of electronica), readings, and other creative rituals. 

The Sunday gathering lasts around an hour and a quarter.


Monthly : Community brunch

community brunch flier


Community and hospitality are very important to us. Ordinarily we gather for brunches and community meals during our cycles. We are looking forward to being able to do this once again once COVID-19 restrictions allow.

These have always been a  good way of getting to know each other and getting more involved in the Home community. The brunches are open to any who would like to come.



Every now and then we also have ‘special’ gatherings, usually at important times during the annual cycle of the church year – Christmas, Holy Week & Easter, Harvest etc.

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