Home is a progressive, all-age, Christian community of spiritual seekers sharing spiritual practices in the city of Oxford, UK. Home is part of the Anglican Diocese of Oxford.
Stations of the Resurrection 2018

Stations of the Resurrection 2018

During the Easter season this year we will be following the Stations of the Resurrection (or Via Lucis).  Each week until Pentecost 2 different members of the Home community will be helping us to reflect on the different Resurrection appearances of Christ in different ways – through meditation, readings, art,...
Holy Week Gatherings

Holy Week Gatherings

Details of our gatherings for Holy Week 2018.
Community Blog

Community Blog

Check out the latest entries by the 'blogger-in-residence' on the Home Community blog - reflections on what we're learning and what we're doing in our community as well as other thoughts and clippings from around the web.
About us

About us

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Our newly revised set of values - these are the things that make Home Home!


The Home Community receives no financial support from the Diocese of Oxford and is entirely dependent on the giving of its members to operate the way it does. This includes paying the stipend of a half-time clergy person and rental of the building we use. This means that our budget is...
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Welcome to the website of the Home Community – a church community in the city of Oxford, UK. We aspire to offer a fresh take on what it means to be a group of people following in the way of Christ, our teacher. Take a look around our site for more information about what that...
Matt Rees on 'The House of Love' (audio)

Matt Rees on ‘The House of Love’ (audio)

At our gathering on the 3rd Sunday of Lent 2018 Matt shared some reflections on the account of Jesus clearing the temple of the moneychangers. Using the motifs of 'temple' and 'my Father's house' (the phrase Jesus used) Matt explores one of the key differences between religion and the vision of God that Jesus offered....
Epiphany Sunday (audio)

Epiphany Sunday (audio)

On Epiphany Sunday 2018 (Sun 7th Jan) Matt shares some reflections on the spiritual nature of gift giving. Giving and receiving a gift is a spiritual act when the gift enables the spirit of the giver to be poured into the receiver enabling both to know and be known, love and be loved. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark”...
Matt Rees on 'Christ the King' (audio)

Matt Rees on ‘Christ the King’ (audio)

On the last Sunday of the church year (the Sunday known as ‘Christ the King’) Matt shares some perspectives on what it might mean to call Christ our King. In a world where we are rightly suspicious of claims to power and where we can be nervous about using the personal power that we have...
The Iffley Road Squat ('Mind the Gap' gathering #8)

The Iffley Road Squat (‘Mind the Gap’ gathering #8)

Last winter a group of people took over a large vacant property on Iffley Road in Oxford and turned it into a squat for homeless people. Maranda was one of the group that organised it. At our gathering on Sunday 29th October 2017 she came to tell us the story and to help us to...

‘Mind the Gap’ – Becks Sutton

Becks is our current Chair of Trustees. In this fascinating talk she helps us to get our heads around the effects of inequality in our society (as well as globally) helping us to see how and why it matters so much.
Book Group Report

Book Group Report

In the summer of 2017 a group of us got together each week to discuss Marcus Borg’s book ‘Convictions’. The book is subtitled ‘A Manifesto for Progressive Christians’ – we were interested to hear and reflect on how Borg was re-envisioning Christian belief as this is a task that many of us in Home feel...
'Across the Divide' - Matt Rees (audio)

‘Across the Divide’ – Matt Rees (audio)

We live in a tribal world – how can we reach across the divide? Perhaps if we understand what’s going below the surface, and understand how tribalism affects our sense of identity and safety, we might be able to connect? Amongst other cultural references Matt refers to Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Life of...
'Trinity' - Matt Rees (audio)

‘Trinity’ – Matt Rees (audio)

Matt shares some thoughts on the notion of God as Trinity. Instead of getting bogged down in the technical theological aspects of Trinity as a doctrine, he asks why it matters that we conceive of God as a Trinity? What are the implications for our values and how we do things?
Complexity & Simplicity (John 14) - Matt Rees (audio)

Complexity & Simplicity (John 14) – Matt Rees (audio)

Matt shares some brief reflections from John 14 – the disciples are confused as, so often, are we. How can we honour the complexity of our lives and yet find the simplicity we long for?
'Christ the Good Shepherd' (Audio)

‘Christ the Good Shepherd’ (Audio)

Here’s the audio recording of Matt’s talk from the Home Community gathering on 7/5/17.
'Walking with Jesus' - Easter season gatherings

‘Walking with Jesus’ – Easter season gatherings

Details of our gatherings for the Easter season 2017