‘Voices from the Margins’

'voices from the margins' cycle poster final reorder

The ‘minor’ prophets of the Old Testament – you know, all those tiny books we find it almost impossible to locate in the bible without using the index – offer a fascinating and at often times deeply challenging  ‘counter-testimony’ to the main party line coming from the centre of the tradition. These were the voices from the margins.

In this cycle we will look in more depth at these characters and their message and explore what they may have to say to us today. We will follow the usual cycle pattern but focus on a different prophet each week. Bishop John is coming for one last visit to Home before he retires in October. He kicks off the cycle with a talk on Hosea. Elsewhere, Professor John Barton – Old Testament specialist at Oxford University – is coming to speak about Amos and Micah and also to give us a more general overview of the minor prophets. Our own Asha & Mike will be leading a discussion based on Nahum. And the other gatherings will also focus on others of the prophets.

Please note that the All-Age gathering (focussing on Noah) will be included in the Weekend Away so there is no 5pm gathering that day.