‘A Further Shore’

a further shore cycle poster


Our gathering cycle for Autumn 2013 is entitled ‘A Further Shore’. We will be exploring the important themes of death and dying, saints, the afterlife, ‘judgement’, heaven and hell etc. These are obviously huge questions and will require careful and sensitive handling! But these themes have dominated the Christian imagination for many centuries and so we think it’s important to take another look at them. So here’s an opportunity to think and reflect again about what you believe and how your belief shapes your life now.

As usual we have a mix of types of service to help us engage with these questions. Our own Tim Mawson and Tess Ward will be giving us the benefit of their wisdom, guest speaker Dr Liz Carmichael – chaplain of St John’s College, Oxford and Theology Faculty member – will be coming to speak. Elsewhere you will find the usual all-age, open-source, and meditative gatherings.

Also, in conjunction with this gathering cycle there will be a book-based Hub, reading Rob Bell’s book ‘Love Wins’. See our Hub page for more info about this.