Who we are

Home is a community of spiritual seekers in and around the Oxford area.

Home is a registered charity, affiliated to the Church of England in the Diocese of Oxford.

Home began its life in 2003 when the Revd Matt Rees was licensed by the Bishop to begin a new expression of church in the Oxford city area. After beginning its life in the city centre, in 2005 Home based itself in the East of the city where it has gathered ever since.

We seek to be a progressive, experimental, all-age community of spiritual seekers sharing spiritual practices with each other and anyone else who is interested in deepening a sense of the sacred in their lives.


Things to See and Do

Home gathers each Sunday at 5pm (occasionally we have a later service at 8pm). See our gatherings page for more details.

Our gatherings are in cycles based on a theme. Recently we have had gathering cycles on themes like – ‘Darkness and Light’, ‘The Beatitudes’, ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘The Good Life’. Gathering cycles last 7 weeks and each cycle has the same elements – we have a guest speaker one week, a discussion another week, a children’s service another, an ‘open-source’ service (where people are invited to bring contributions on the theme), a meditative service (at 8pm), another speaker (from within the community), and then the 7th week is a ‘fallow week’ before the next cycle begins.

We also sometimes meet midweek in smaller groups (we call these ‘huddles’) – sometimes to read a book together, sometimes to pray for each other and read scripture, sometimes to do something else. Once a month we also gather for a shared meal together.

Our values

Our Practices