‘Who Are We?’

Who Are We Cycle Poster v1

On Sunday 4th January we begin a new cycle of gatherings where we will be exploring what have been the core values of our church community. These 6 values are meant to define who we are – but do they still name accurately our life together and our aspirations for who we want to become?

They were written down a number of years ago and our community has changed a lot since then. So it’s time to look at them again and see if we still are – or aspire to be – a christ-centred, missional, generously-orthodox, creative, anglican community.

Please join us for this time of exploration. If you have been lurking around the edge of Home for a while this would be a really good time to come out of the shadows and take a look to see if Home is the church for you.

We are dispensing with our usual cycle format for this cycle – so some of the regular gatherings like the guest speaker gathering, or the meditative service, or the all-age gathering won’t be there (although there will be a joint all-age gathering with the St Albans morning congregation on Sunday 25th January). Instead we are giving plenty of time during these 6 weeks to conversation (on Sundays, and also midweek and on line in a special forum).