The Undefended Life

We only have time for a ‘mini-cycle’ between now and the start of the Advent and Christmas activities so we thought this would be a good opportunity to spend a few weeks hearing Simon Walker’s inspirational teaching on ‘The Undefended Life’.

Simon has written a book with that title which a few of us have been reading this year and finding it to be really, really helpful in unearthing some of the deep structures of the human condition – the things that drive us, how we can understand these forces more fully and what it means to live out of a different place of trusting in God.

We are delighted the Simon will be coming to speak at the Home community gathering on Sunday 13th November. Jim Barker – a member of Home who works with Simon – will then be taking our exploration further in the following week (Sunday 20th November) and on Sunday 27th November there will be an opportunity to discuss further and embed Simon’s ideas more deeply into our own spiritual practice and theology.

Don’t miss out! This is wonderful teaching which offers the possibility of real liberation from many of the things that hold us back and make our lives smaller.

Sundays 13th/20th/27th November 2011

5pm at St Albans Church, Charles St, Oxford (off Iffley Rd)