‘Poets and Prophets’

Our cycle of gatherings on the theme of ‘Poets & Prophets’ will explore the place of the poetic imagination in spirituality.

Many of us are deeply influenced by various poets and their work has a profound spiritual affect on us. Poets function in a prophet-like way when they open us up to awe and wonder and point to the spiritual dimension of life.

American poet W.S. Merwin said “Poetry, like religion, is a way of using what we know to glimpse what we do not know”.

So poetry can have a prophetic-like quality that leads us into a deeper place of knowing. But it’s a different kind of knowing to the rationalistic, head-based, information which we often mistake for knowledge.

And of course, scripture is often highly poetic in its genre.

We will explore all of this and more through the different gatherings in the cycle.

Come and be part of it!

Sundays 25/9 through to 30/10 at St Alban’s Church, Charles Street, East Oxford.