free speech flier

‘Free Speech’ is an occasional gathering before the main sunday gathering where we are opening up a space for different members of the community to teach and learn together. We recognise that some people value this kind of input and we also recognise that we only have talks twice in a cycle – so there are limited opportunities both for people to do more teaching and for people who like to learn this way.

Free Speech will run occasionally (watch this space for details of dates and themes) and will happen in different modes – some of the sessions will be discussions, some straight talks etc. Anyone can volunteer to host a Free Speech session and the theme can be anything you want it to be (i.e. it doesn’t need to tie in with the cycle etc.)

If you would like to lead a Free Speech session please e mail Matt ( to discuss your thoughts.

Current dates and themes are:

Sunday 13th January – Trev Williams : ‘Seeking God with Dyselxia’

Sunday 10th Feb – Martin Ash : ‘Body, Mind and Soul’

Sunday 24th March – Special Free Speech session for kids (hosted by Matt Rees)

Sunday 2nd June – Katharine Thompson : ‘World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk’