During the Easter season this year we will be following the Stations of the Resurrection (or Via Lucis). 

Each week until Pentecost 2 different members of the Home community will be helping us to reflect on the different Resurrection appearances of Christ in different ways – through meditation, readings, art, music, sensory responses etc. we will engage with these different texts.

Week 1 | Sunday 8th April

  1. Finding the empty tomb 
  2. Mary Magdalene meets the risen Jesus 

Week 2 | Sunday 15th April

  1. The road to Emmaus 
  2. Jesus is recognised in the breaking of bread 

Week 3 | Sunday 22nd April

  1. Jesus appears to his disciples in Jerusalem 
  2. Jesus gives his disciples peace and the power to forgive sins 

Week 4 |  Sunday 29th April

  1. Jesus strengthens the faith of Thomas 
  2. Jesus appears by the sea of Tiberius 

Week 5 | Sunday 6th May

  1. Jesus forgives Peter 
  2. Jesus commissions the disciples 

Week 6 | Sunday 13th May

  1. The Ascension of Jesus 
  2. Mary & the disciples wait in prayer